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Equity Scholarship

The wellness, mindfulness, and alternative healing arts industries have historically extracted wisdom teachings from marginalized peoples, commodified those teachings, then placed those teachings behind a paywall only accessible to those with wealth. Financial barriers and unwelcoming learning environments make accessing wellness opportunities extremely challenging -- particularly for working class people, people of color, immigrants, religious minorities, LGBTQAI+ and Two Spirit people, and people with disabilities.

These barriers are harmful human creations, unparalleled in nature. In fact, we need only look to the forest for a better way. Beneath the forest floor, vast fungal networks break down, recycle, and redistribute nutrients between organisms. This distribution network provides the foundation for a balanced and healthy ecosystem of connected individuals. 


In this spirit, Forest Path is committed to providing low-cost learning opportunities, a variety of free services, as well as an Equity Scholarship for members of marginalized communities. 

If you believe this Scholarship applies to you, enter the coupon code MYCELIUM during check out to receive the scholarship rate on classes, courses, and events. And if our services at this rate remain inaccessible, please contact us so we can collaborate with you to make your participation possible. 

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